Private Personal Fitness Training

Aaron Petrosino

    Aaron S. Petrosino, Personal Trainer

    Qualifications & Education:
    • A.A.S. Exercise Science
    • Ohio State University certified Personal Trainer (W.I.T.S.)
    • Certified EMT & Fire Fighter Level II
    • CPR and AED Certified (Current since August, 2004)
    • Apex Certified Nutrition Coach

    Specialty Areas:
    • Martial Arts/Self Defense Experience: Tae Kwon Do/Jujitsu/Wrestling
    • Competitive Power Lifting
    • Sports Specific Training
    • Weightloss
    • Nutrition
    • Youth
    • Bodybuilding & Powerlifting
    • Rehabilitation
    Philosophies on Fitness and Life:
    I feel that no matter the circumstance anyone can reach their fitness goal. Getting there requires motivation, intensity, persistence, consistency, and a healthy diet. Obviously this is no easy task, and is much easier said than done.

    That is what I'm here for. I will help anyone achieve their fitness goal and life style change. All I ask is for willingness and trust. It's a team effort, and I believe that if you put your mind to it anything can be accomplished. The first step is walking through that door....
Personal Training Session Package Options
Note: The cost of these packages have been increased by 3% to cover PayPal processing fees. Save 3% by paying by cash or check. $120/ four half-hour sessions; $174 for 6 half-hour sessions; $224 for 8 half-hour sessions; $270 for 10 half-hour sessions; $212 for 4 one hour sessions; $312 for 6 one hour sessions; $408 for 8 one hour sessions; and $500 for 10 one-hour sessions. A husband and wife, two friends, or 2 family members may split a single 1-hour session if they train back to back in 2 sequential half-hour sessions (i.e. 9:00-9:30 AM and 9:30 to 10:00 AM).

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Powell Fitness

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Powell Fitness private personal training facility allows you to train one-on-one with certified personal fitness trainers in a semi-private setting.